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The Sixteen Samskaras


1 Garbhadan The first coming together of the husband & wife for bringing about conception.
2 Pumsvan Ceremony performed when the first signs of conception are seen, and is to be performed when someone desires a male child.
3 Seemantonayan A ceremony of parting of the hairs of the expectant mother to keep her spirits high & positive. Special music is arranged for her.
4 Jatakarma After the birth of the child, the child is given a secret name, he is given taste of honey & ghee, mother starts the first breast-feeding after chanting of a mantra.
5 Nama-karana In this ceremony the child is given a formal name. Performed on the 11th day.
6 Nishkramana In this the formal darshan of sun & moon is done for the child.
7 Annaprashana This ceremony is performed, when the child is given solid food (anna) for the first time.
8 Chudakarana Cuda means the 'lock or tuft of hair' kept after the remaining part is shaved off.
9 Karna-vedha Done in 7th or 8th month. Piercing of the ears.
10 Upanayan & Vedarambha The thread ceremony. The child is thereafter authorized to perform all rituals. Studies of Vedas begins with the Guru.
11 Keshanta Hairs are cut, guru dakshina is given
12 Samavartan Returning to the house
13 Vivaha Marriage ceremony
14 Vanprastha As old age approaches, the person retires for a life of tapas & studies.
15 Sanyas Before leaving the body a Hinddu sheds all sense of responsibility & relationships to awake & revel in the timeless truth.
16 Antyeshthi The last rites done after the death.